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  • In 2010, a kirpan was used to stab a man (53 year old Manjit Mangat) at the Sikh Lehar Centre in Brampton, Canada.[1] He was stabbed in the abdomen, with the wound 12 cm deep.[1] Two men brandished the kirpans, with one successfully stabbing him.[1] Sikhs are allowed to carry knives publicly in Canada (whereas non-Sikh citizens are not).[1] Sikh infants, children and teenagers are allowed to carry the knives at schools (the latter of whom have tried to ban them, but have failed, with critics citing political correctness as obstacles to their removal).[1]

United Kingdom

  • In 2007, a 17 year old teenager was stabbed to death by a Sikh woman who was having an affair with a married man. The teenager was pregnant and the baby died with the mother.[2] She was found guilty of murder by a jury by a wide majority. In 2014 new alleged evidence was said to have been found disproving her murder,[3] but it appears to have failed on review, therefore leading to a failing of overturning her bid to be freed. In 2015, a website reported she still in jail, and as of 2019 nothing further has been reported.[4]
  • In 2008, a Sikh man (45 year old Ravinder Singh Powar) was stabbed by a gang of Sikhs after a man's turban fell off during a fight, caused initially by another Sikh man stroking the moustache of a Sikh man.[5] The gang used multiple kirpan-swords to stab Powar in the chest (and several others); involving a grand total of 200 people.[5] Powar was left with severe stabbing injuries, and was placed in intensive care for four days costing the NHS £5,312 (with additional follow up costs being £1,654).[5][6]
  • In 2012, a 78 year old man was stabbed with kirpans in the streets of London, where he was attacked by a gang of Sikh terrorists.[7] The victim was a former military commander from India, who is a Sikh himself, who commandeered the 1984 purge of the Sikh terrorists at the Golden Temple at Amritsar, India, where hundreds of militants were hiding (there was even a bomb making factory present inside the temple). Sikhs similarly shot the Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi in 1984 which lead to the deaths of thousands of Sikhs.
  • In 2014, a Sikh man was attacked by another Sikh who attempted to grab his kirpan and use it against him.[8] The defender unsheathed his kirpan, and used it against the attacker, stabbing him multiple times.[8] The attacker was not armed.[8] The Sikh man who used the knife was cleared of assault charges since he was defending himself, but the stabbing and potential murder of either of them could have been avoided had the Sikh man not been carrying the weapon.[8]
  • In 2016, a woman was stabbed on two separate occasions before the police did anything.[9] She almost had her leg amputated as a result (which she had used to prevent her neck from being stabbed).[9] The attack was so vicious that she was held in hospital for 4.5 weeks, and had a clot the size of a lemon trapped within her leg.[9] She required five operations to treat her leg before it got better.[9] Overall she had received 100 stitches.[9] The operations and her stay at the hospital cost the NHS thousands of pounds.

United States

  • In 1994, a four year old American schoolboy at the Sikh Religious Society in Chicago was stabbed to death by Sikh man who was allowed to carry a kirpan freely even though he had schizophrenia.[10] The victim was stabbed 21 times behind a dumpster, after he was snatched.[10] Prosecutors believed he was not insane, but he was acquitted of murder by reason of insanity.[10] He was however jailed at a psychiatric foundation and not simply let free after that, despite the family being devastated at the acquittal, despite proving it was him.[10]



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