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'D' Company (Indian Mafia Crime Syndicate)

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[[File:dawood-exclusive-pic-27-1461746930.jpg|thumb|center|1000px|<div style="text-align:justify; word-spacing: -0.1em; letter-spacing: -0em; line-height:100%; width:100%; font-size:80%;">Ibrahim in the 1970s, is the son of a policeman.<ref>''[ Asiaweek]''. Asiaweek Limited. May 1993. p. 24.</ref></div>]]
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<small style="border:1px solid; padding:1px 3px; background:#ff0000; color:#FFFFFF; white-space:nowrap">Introduction:—</small> The D-Company Crime Syndicate is a criminal mafia headed by Dawood Ibrahim, an Indian Muslim who's network stretches across 5,000 members,<ref name="John Rollins (November 2010).">John Rollins (November 2010). ''[ International Terrorism and Transnational Crime: Security Threats, U. S. Policy, and Considerations for Congress]''. DIANE Publishing. p. 15. ISBN 978-1-4379-2756-6.</ref><ref name="Brig (Retd) Rahul K Bhonsle (10 August 2011).">Brig (Retd) Rahul K Bhonsle (10 August 2011). ''[ Countering Transnational Terrorism]''. Vij Books India Pvt Ltd. p. 12. ISBN 978-93-81411-83-4.</ref><ref name="Jon Henley (May 4th, 2011).">Jon Henley (May 4th, 2011). ''[ Who is now on the World's Most Wanted list?]''. The Guardian. Retrieved January 10th, 2017.</ref> and 100,000s of low-level gang members. Even though it originated in India, it mostly operates from Pakistan (though it's authorities deny this).<ref name="John Rollins (November 2010)."/><ref name="Sellipalayam R. Perumal (6 August 2013)."/> It also has operations in Thailand, the UAE, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia.<ref name="Ryan Clarke (12 April 2011).">Ryan Clarke (12 April 2011). ''[ Crime-Terror Nexus in South Asia: States, Security and Non-State Actors]''. Taylor & Francis. pp. 1. ISBN 978-1-136-73970-5.</ref> The organisation revolves around extortion,<ref name="Louise I. Shelley (28 July 2014)."/> kidnapping, racketeering, smuggling, narcotics, trafficking, and contract killings.<ref name="John Rollins (November 2010)."/> It is also very large in the Indian film scene, having successfully infiltrated Bollywood, and has been responsible for distributing films,<ref name="Joe Karaganis (2011)."/> involvement in piracy,<ref name="Joe Karaganis (2011).">Joe Karaganis (2011). ''[ Media Piracy in Emerging Economies]''. p. 380. ISBN 978-0-9841257-4-6.</ref><ref name="Louise I. Shelley (28 July 2014).">Louise I. Shelley (28 July 2014). ''[ Dirty Entanglements: Corruption, Crime, and Terrorism]''. Cambridge University Press. p. 47. ISBN 978-1-107-01564-7.</ref> and even assassinating film directors.<ref name="John Rollins (November 2010)."/> It emerged in 1970s Bombay (modern day Mumbai), after Ibrahim had worked as a smuggler himself, later moving on to expand his syndicate.<ref name="John Rollins (November 2010)."/> His organisation boomed in the 1980s,<ref name="Sellipalayam R. Perumal (6 August 2013).">Sellipalayam R. Perumal (6 August 2013). ''[ Daughter of the Enemy: A Unique Historic Novel]''. Partridge Publishing. p. 88. ISBN 978-1-4828-1030-1.</ref> with the 1990s characterised by dealings with Islamist organisations,<ref name="John Rollins (November 2010)."/> driven by Hindu Hindutva terrorism afflicting his community. The destruction of Babri Masjid<ref name="Robert Wilson (2013).">Robert Wilson (2013). ''[ Capital Punishment]''. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. p. 251. ISBN 0-547-93519-6.</ref> and the brutal murders of hundreds of Muslims saw Ibrahim retaliate in kind.<ref name="John Rollins (November 2010)."/> It is notable that during this time, D-Company remained secular, with the majority of it's membership largely taken from the Hindu community.<ref name="John Rollins (November 2010)."/> Later the Pakistani ISI became involved with him, and (allegedly) helped kill 257 people in 1993.<ref name="John Rollins (November 2010)."/><ref name="Bharat Verma (15 March 2009).">Bharat Verma (15 March 2009). ''[ Indian Defence Review]''. Lancer Publishers. p. 60. GGKEY:KTANJH3AAY0.</ref> D-Company is also alleged to have taken part in the November 2008 Mumbai Massacre, which killed 173 people.<ref name="John Rollins (November 2010)."/><ref name="Jon Henley (May 4th, 2011)."/><ref name="Louise I. Shelley (28 July 2014)."/>

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