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What is the Overall Purpose of This Project?

  • To show all types of Muslims that they have a collective identity, no matter their background and religiousity; and also to show some non-Muslims that we too have our own story. This is why our articles are primarily in English.

What Types of Muslims is this Project Targeted Towards?

  • Anyone. Muslim Muslims, Agnostic Muslims, Atheist Muslims, Cultural Muslims, Religious Muslims, Ethnic Muslims, Nationalist Muslims, and Ex-Muslims—basically whatever you call yourself. Even non-Muslims.

Are you Affiliated with Wikipedia or it's Sister Organisations?

  • No, we are not a part of Wikipedia.

What Makes You Different from Wikipedia?

  • Despite some valiant efforts by some of it's users, the overall user-base is not neutral when it comes to Islamic culture, beliefs, history and politics. There's a plethora of problems over at Wikipedia, and almost none of them will ever be resolved.

Where's the Proof That Wikipedia Has This Problem?

  • Islam related or Muslim related articles hosted on Wikipedia often end up having the Muslim point-of-view totally or partially removed, making things unnecessarily negative, and in some cases are even censored out. This is particularly the case when it comes to persecution of Muslims in India for instance where glaring facts are routinely omitted or mass deleted even after they've been put in or discussed to death. Another example is the realisation that the world's first university, which was founded by a woman in Morocco, does not appear anywhere on Wikipedia's main article that deals with the oldest universities in the world.

Are you publicly editable?

  • No, publicly editable encyclopaedias lead to incongruency, point-of-view, edit wars and unreliability. This project aims to correct the mistakes of Wikipedia (and other websites).