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Muhammad with Abu Bakr; Aisha's father. Aisha's consummation was done at 9 years old, in proportion, this age is equivalent to 18 in modern times, 2015.

It is interesting to note that during medieval times, Muhammad's marriage to Aisha was never a contentious issue, but as of modern times it has become so. Accusations of paedophilia are abound in the contemporary setting; with scholars suggesting that this is designed to instil not only condemnation but horror. According to one biographer, "[i]n this case, Muhammad's sexual conduct becomes the locus for a renewed vision of Islam as an archaic and evil force. Medieval emphasis on debauchery and lustfulness have become, since the colonial era, concern with oppression". This moral emphasis on Muhammad's sexual life started out with condemnation on polygamy and how he dare allow women to get divorced; during European colonial times. Still, evidence is lacking on Aisha's actual year of birth. (more information...)